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L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG) Powder

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AAKG enables you to increase your pump intensity by amplifying NO production while also increasing the intensity of your pump. Synthesized from glutamine and proline, AAKG builds mass and reduces the build-up of lactic acid.

AAKG Potential Benefits Include:

· Increased Strength †

· Improved Composition †

· Increased Performance †


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What is Muscle Empire’s L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate?

Muscle Empire’s AAKG packs 3.5 grams in every serving and contains no fillers or additives so that you can get the most out of every dose. Boost your pump intensity with our AAKG and reap the benefits of longer lasting lifting sessions and muscle growth. 
With Muscle Empire’s AAKG, you’ll notice a fuller and more satisfying pump during your workout, giving you better gains and noticeable results. Muscle Empire’s Alpha-Ketoglutarate also works alongside L-Arginine, increasing efficiency and even better endurance for those longer high-intensity training sessions. Boost your endurance with Muscle Empire’s AAKG, and leave your competition in the dust.

How Does Muscle Empire’s AAKG Work?

L-Arginine is synthesized from two amino acids, glutamine and glutamate, and proline. Arginine is used to synthesize nitric oxide, which helps blood vessels to relax and expand, making it integral in regulating healthy blood flow and assisting in regulating blood pressure. In addition to acting as a vasodilator, it also supports muscle protein synthesis. With the increase in Nitric Oxide production, blood is able to flow more freely to muscles that are being exercised and allow for an increase in oxygen and nutrient delivery. AAKG may promote lean muscle mass production by producing growth hormones while also reducing the build-up of lactic acid, which causes muscles to be sore after a workout. 

Directions & Allergens

Suggested Use: 
As a dietary supplement, take 3500 mg (~1/2 tbsp) 1-2 times daily with 16 ounces of water or suitable beverage. Taken once in the morning on an empty stomach and/or again one hour prior to workout for best results.

This product contains no Soy, Dairy, Dairy byproducts, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Wheat, Gluten, Tree Nuts, or Sesame Seeds.

This is a NON-GMO ingredient manufactured using organic starting ingredients.

Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.